Rodrigo Passos

Hello! My name is Rodrigo Passos and today I work professionally as a sound designer, composer / arranger and audio director in several independent projects.

I started playing guitar at 12 and at 18 I entered Colégio Santa Marcelina to study music. I took the course of Fundamentals of audio and acoustics at IAV (Institute of Audio and Video) and started working at Tapps Games (one of the largest mobile gaming companies in Brazil) as an intern, and later contracted. After 2.5 years, in 2018, I decided to create my own path as a freelancer and left the company.

Working Tools

DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations):
Reaper (Advanced), Ableton Live (Advanced), Logic (Intermediate), Protools (Intermediate).

FMOD (Intermediate)

Task Managing:
Jira, Trello

Version Control:
Github desktop, Source Tree

Sound Design

I create effects from the simplest to the most complex and impactful! I believe that the sound of something is not only to fulfill a function, but is also able to convey a sensation and / or personality.

Composition and arrangement

Music is responsible for setting a game, but not only. It is also capable of bringing a hidden story behind the art of the game, the setting of a specific moment, and this does not depend on the style of music, it can be from the chiptune to the orchestral.

FMOD Implementation

FMOD is not only an audio middleware used to facilitate communication between devs and audio professionals, but also a tool capable of bringing much more interaction between the mechanics present in the game and the sound.